'A'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia

No task is too big when done together by all.


We have developed a simple set of tools for teams to use to drive consistent, profitable business results without new technology or new people, and with much less personal effort.

You can do all the leadership development you want, but without the Sixth Factor –

it just doesn't work.


You want to grow your business profitably without being involved in every important decision, or to be the one who fixes everything when it breaks.

​You want to trust your people to run their assigned operations so that you can focus on the big picture.

One of your key guys is great with clients and really knows operations - but can’t plan out past Thursday. And he micromanages everything his people do.

​Your head of BD is a great business strategist, a real one-woman crystal ball, but her team gets away with murder because she can’t hold them accountable for anything.

Your teams are working hard, each in its silo, but aren’t collaborating with each other the way you'd like them to.

Profitability is flat … lackluster.

When you have a chance to think, you wonder who your successor will be.


And it doesn’t make any sense to you that this team - who appears to have the right experience and skills - never achieves the results you know they're capable of.

It doesn’t make any sense to us either.


The business is taking off. Profitability, costs, and customer metrics are moving in the right direction. You are feeling less stress.

Taking cues from your vision, the team has put a difference-making strategy together that will dramatically improve operating results.

A high potential field manager is reassigned into a stretch assignment that will help him prepare for advancement, and your area managers provide the BD Director with advice for getting her team on board – which she eagerly takes.

Assignments are made for building an alliance with three key people in another division and one at a design firm. A monthly strategy dashboard is agreed upon along with accountabilities for each metric.

The team collaborates with a level of candor you’ve never seen, asking each other for support and accepting feedback and advice willingly.

You smile as your team – animated with ideas and energy - lingers in the room after your second monthly Six Factor Team Meeting adjourns.

Paradyne's Sixth Factor Academy gives leaders and teams the tools necessary to produce sustainable profitable results, both on projects and within organizations.






Over the past two decades, Paradyne Consulting Works' managing partners, Dr. Dorriah Rogers and Jon Swartzentruber, have served as CEOs and executives at successful start-ups and Fortune 500 firms, as consultants to over 200 major corporations, and as coaches to scores of executives and project teams. 


​Pouring through the data from their experience with hundreds of organizations, they have identified the Five Factors that predict success, and the one critical Factor that has largely gone unrecognized …


The Sixth Factor is ‘Ohana - the magic. It causes a team to come together and produce wildly successful results. It’s a high-octane mix of shared work ethic and positive behavior, candor, transparency, reliance, challenge, and trust - when you know that your team has your back and that awesomeness is inevitable. At the Sixth Factor Academy, participants gain the tools to execute the first Five Factors, and learn to dramatically magnify the team’s performance with the Sixth.

What can you expect at the Academy?


You will describe the Sixth Factor Academy as career and business-changing.

It starts 60 days before you attend. We begin by conducting interviews and gathering feedback from those who you work closely with.

You, and a small group of executive peers from different companies, gather. Over 2 ½ days, expert facilitators guide you through the most amazing business leader development experience on the planet. You are introduced to the tools your team will use to execute the Six Factors. Feedback from assessments, interviews, and 360s is revealed, as the related skills are explored and refined. Business simulations, experiential adventures, confidential peer coaching, and micro-learning follow-ups create a robust atmosphere for growth as a business leader.

Ninety days later, we get with you and your manager or a trusted peer to review a second round of feedback - but this time your team describes the differences they have seen in the business as a result of your Academy experience.

The Six Factors

Factor #1         Strategy           Know what you're trying to do, why, and how

​​Factor #2         People             Organize your players around your strategy

​​Factor #3         Leadership      Set expectations for yourself and your team

​​Factor #4         Network          Capitalize on a broad network of relationships

​​Factor #5         Performance   Tie everything directly to results

Factor #6         'Ohana             The Magic


meet the team

Dr. Dorriah Rogers\

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Jon Swartzentruber

President & Managing Partner 

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May 8-10, 2019

Island Palms Resort

San Diego, CA


Sept 18-20, 2019

Island Palms Resort

San Diego, CA

Oct 23-25, 2019

Island Palms Resort

San Diego, CA



Please Call Jon Swartzentruber at 858-442-4295 to register



Jon’s executive development program was initially attended by a pilot group of senior managers from two of our districts. When they came back, the program spread across the company like wildfire. Our leaders gained the business and leadership tools they needed to grow and manage the business.

~ SVP, Top 15 Contractor (ENR)

Paradyne has definitively created a culture of continuous improvement at our company.  Our managers who have been through Paradyne’s program are now more engaged and empowered to bring forward ideas and solutions that make the company better. We have sent everyone through the program from the CEO (me) down through Project Managers. It has very much changed our company for the better.

~ CEO, Top 20 Specialty Contractor (ENR)

Simply stated, the program saved my career.

~ Area Manager, major US engineering firm

If Jon and Dorriah do for your company half of what they did for ours, that would be a start.

~ Division Manager, Top 5 Canadian Contractor