DR. ROGERS founded Paradyne Consulting Works in 2004.  She brings 20 years of unique experience traveling throughout North America providing guidance to numerous Fortune 100 and 500 organizations.  She specializes in identifying and solving issues affecting efficiency, productivity and profitability. 

Dr. Rogers’ book Decide to Profit (SelectBooks New York) was released June 2017 and is based on her over twelve years of consulting. The Fifth Factor of the Sixth Factor Academy is based on the 9 Steps included in this book.


Dr. Rogers approaches her clients strategically, with an eye towards the management team efficacy, productivity and efficiency of operations, and financial streamlining.  She is adept at teaming with senior executives at the highest level, or rolling up her sleeves and diving into project or field level operations.   

Her client base includes the Who’s Who of Fortune 100 organizations, as well as the Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other large government entities.  She has led Paradyne in the areas of project turnaround, operational streamlining, strategic business planning, joint venture partnering, government contracting and management and technical training.   

Executives find her insightful, candid, operationally savvy, and a highly effective leader.  She has earned the nickname “The Fixer” and has worked with many of her clients for more than a decade. 

Prior to founding Paradyne Consulting Works, Dr. Rogers served in senior leadership roles, for both private and publicly traded companies in engineering, advanced technology, and consulting. 

Her experience as an entrepreneur, technologist, and executive from the ground up has given her a unique and broad perspective. Dr. Rogers holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate Group in Ecology, Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis.   

She was appointed to the Ambassador’s Club for the Society of Automotive Engineers, and also served on the National Academy of Science Transportation Research Board.   

She served as part-time faculty at California State University Channel Islands, where she taught Business Operations.  Dr. Rogers has been named “Entrepreneur of the Year” and has been nominated to “Women Making a Difference.” 

Dr. Dorriah Rogers

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Decide to Profit